For as long as she can remember, soon-to-be college freshman Myca Roberson has had a certificate in her room congratulating her on the scholarship she was awarded in 2000 for being Shawnee's first Y2K baby.

Born on January 1, 2000, Roberson was documented as the first baby in Shawnee born at the turn of the century and was awarded a $20,000 scholarship sponsored by The Shawnee News-Star and its then-owner, Morris Communications, to be used for her college education.

"It's always been hung up in my room somewhere. So for as long as I can remember...I always had that in a frame all the time," Roberson said.

In May, she graduated from Dale High School. Now 19-years-old, Roberson is heading to The University of Oklahoma to study Biology Pre-med and utilize the first $5,000 of her scholarship.

The Harrah resident explained she's always been grateful to have the scholarship and felt secure knowing she'd automatically have assistance with her education.

"I want to go to med school and the end goal is to be an orthopedic surgeon...but I'm really excited about college life in general," Roberson said.

She explained while her high school experience was great, she's excited for this new adventure.

"I went to a very small high I'm seeing the same faces every single day. I've had the same friends since first (I'm excited about) just getting out and meeting new people and making new friends," Roberson said.

In high school Roberson said she had many friends, played softball, participated in student council and was pretty involved in school.

Roberson explained in addition to her Y2K scholarship, she received financial aid from OU and has another $5,500 scholarship to help pay her tuition.

Roberson said while she's happy to have the scholarship and appreciates her situation, she knows she's been fortunate.

"Any help at all helps and that it a big chunk of money to get...but I'm extremely grateful and honored. I feel like I don't deserve it. I was just born...," Roberson said.

The OU student said she hopes to achieve all her schooling and become a member of the medical field in some way.

"I've always wanted to be something in the health or medical field because I've always wanted to help people and give people some relief when they're in pain or just need help with something...," Roberson said.

School starts back up for OU Aug. 19 and Roberson said she moves into her dorm Thursday, Aug. 15, and she's excited to start her classes and begin her college career.