North Rock Creek Public Schools opened the doors to the new high school Tuesday night, where community members and students gathered to tour the facility and meet their teachers for the upcoming school year.

According to Superintendent Blake Moody, the grand opening went well and he was happy to see the new facility finally filled with students.

"I'm so excited...You can feel everybody's energy. Everybody is excited about getting in this building. We're excited for the kids coming on Thursday...," Moody said.

Moody explained students had the opportunity to meet with their teachers two days before the school year starts and see their classrooms, cafeteria and the new technology scattered throughout the building.

"The technology is not only something that we're not used to at all, (but) it is on the cutting edge. (There are) smart TVs, digital signage, speaker systems in all of the larger classrooms and spaces," Moody said.

The superintendent explained in addition to new screens and computers, security in the building is also top notch.

Many people attended the open house and members of the faculty and staff showed students and parents around the building.

Fundamentals of Technology and Graphic Design educator Lindsey Ramirez said she's excited for the upgraded technology and for students to utilize it.

"The new technology that we have in North Rock Creek High School is going to benefit students because when they get out of our high school they will be ready to work in the real world," Ramirez said. "They'll have innovative technology at their fingertips and they'll be well versed in all areas...,"

Students also received Chromebooks at the open house and Ramierz said it'll be another piece of technology they'll learn how to use.

In addition the educator explained she's looking forward to teaching in the new facility and being apart of the change.

"As a faculty member of North Rock Creek getting this new building is like I've won the lottery. It's just the greatest feeling in the world to be apart of such a wonderful district," Ramirez said.

Moody explained the school's Innovation Center has a 20 foot long and 10 foot tall sheet rock wall that has short throw projectors that allow the wall to turn into a touch screen teaching wall. Moody also said there is also a broadcast media studio in the Innovation Center and digital screens throughout the school.

High school librarian and English teacher Mandi McDonald said the Innovation Center is going to be a hot spot for numerous students and will provide excellent resources for projects and tests.

"I am so excited. Not only is it the fact that they get brand new books, but just the space in general for classes to come in here and kids to work on their work I feel like it's going to be the perfect sanctuary for students," McDonald said.

According to Moody, students started attending North Rock Creek High School last year as freshmen and were all housed in North Rock Creek Middle School.

Several members of the high school's student body attended the open house such as sophomores and 15-year-olds Caden Edwards and Savannah Barber who are apart of the first class at NRCHS.

"I'm excited to be in an actual high school building instead of being crammed in the middle school and just having the high school experience," Barber said.

Now that the high school students are no longer housed in the middle school they will have the opportunity to be their own entity. An aspect Edwards said he is looking forward to most during the new school year.

"I'm excited for all hopefully the new clubs and stuff we'll get to do," Edwards said.

In addition, sophomore and Student Council Treasure Emily Rowell explained it'll be exciting and good for the high school students to have their own space and events.

"We're going to have our own individual dances and activities and things. Our student council is more organized so everything is going to pan out better I think...," Rowell said.