Mother, dog rescuer and recent Shawnee resident, Jennifer Rotter, found the owner of Gidget, a small long hair Dachshund puppy she rescued around an intersection near Benson Park Road on the evening of July 31.

Rotter explained she and her family moved to Shawnee a year ago from New Jersey.

"My daughter wants to pursue a career with animals and OU and OSU both have programs in what she wants to do," Rotter said. "We moved here for a different change and different pace and (we're) enjoying every minute of it...,"

When she saw Gidget, Rotter said she knew she had to help the puppy.

"I just realized a little one like this just needed to not be on the road especially with all the fast moving vehicles and I picked her up," Rotter said.

It has been over a week, Rotter explained, since she rescued Gidget and placed a found dog advertisement in The Shawnee News Star and on August 9 the puppy returned home.

With two rescued dogs of her own, Rotter said she understands the importance of helping animals who can't help themselves.

"I volunteer for American Brittany Rescue. We have multiple divisions," Rotter said. "What I do is I get (the dogs) to a point where we can adopt them out. I teach them little skills and I teach them to go to the bathroom outside...So I get them to a rehabbed area where they can have a good life..."

The dog rescuer explained she's been helping dogs for the last five years.

Being from New Jersey, Rotter said she is not used to the lack of laws and regulations regarding stray, abused or abandoned animals.

"In New Jersey every animal has to be licensed so you can't have a dog without a license...and they have strict rules on how many animals you can have...," Rotter said. "I see a lot of animals on the streets here where in New Jersey we would have people that would actually pick them up and take them to the shelter."

Rotter explained during her first week in Shawnee she found another stray dog and tried taking it to the local shelter but was told to just keep the animal.

"That's a big difference. There's always got to be somebody. I know there's just rescues and they're full and that's sad but we've got to do something about it," Rotter said.

The dog lover explained the reason she volunteers and takes care of animals is because she has a passion for helping others.

"I just like to give back. I like to do things for others...We all need to help each other," Rotter said.

Rotter explained because she had two other dogs of her own she can't keep Gidget.

"I can't take any other dogs. I need to find a home for her. It's hard," Rotter said.

The dog rescuer said she hopes the community will do something to help all the other stray and neglected animals running around Shawnee.

"I just think the local mayor or the governor they got to do something because I see a dog on the side of the road and I melt," Rotter said. "There's got to be something we can do to regulate..."