The Avedis Foundation recently announced a $10,000 grant to Junior Achievement of Oklahoma (JA) for curriculum support for Pottawatomie Schools.

The Avedis Foundation recently announced a $10,000 grant to Junior Achievement of Oklahoma (JA) for curriculum support for Pottawatomie Schools.

The project supports funding for 36 classroom-based and capstone programs offered at no cost to Pottawatomie County public schools.

“Junior Achievement offers curriculum that meets Oklahoma education standards to public schools at no cost on financial literacy, workforce readiness, and entrepreneurship,” Joe Wise, Junior Achievement of Oklahoma regional director, said.

She said last year 862 Pottawatomie County students received Junior Achievement curriculum through 58 trained volunteers from the business community.

“This includes 327 high school students who attended JA Finance Park, which meets all 14 financial literacy mandates for graduation as stated in HB 1476,” she said.

All JA curricula are centered around JA’s three pillars: work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship, Wise said.

One of the newest programs offered is JA Finance Park, JA’s capstone program for high school students. “Teachers love JA Finance Park because the program satisfies Oklahoma HB 1476 financial literacy mandates for graduation,” Wise said, “while it also introduces students to successful volunteers from the local business community.”

The program incorporates 13 teacher-taught lessons that prepare students for the JA Finance Park simulation.

“JA believes that volunteers are its competitive advantage, as volunteers bring its programs to life,” she said.

Students learn how to create and track a budget for a family that include everything from housing, insurance, utilities, daycare, etc.

“The realization of how expensive it is to have a family, is a recurring comment,” she said.

Upon completion of the program, Pottawatomie County students will have a much better understanding of earning and saving money; the correlation education has to future careers and resulting income; and the real-life consequences of creating debt at an early age.

“This is such a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about responsible financial practices and prepare for their future,” Tracy Meeuwsen, Avedis Foundation program director, said.

The Avedis Foundation is honored and pleased to fund this project making a difference in the community.

To support the perpetual mission of this organization both now and in the future donations can be made directly to Junior Achievement of Oklahoma.

The Avedis mission is to measurably improve health, wellness and the quality of life for the people of Pottawatomie County and surrounding areas.

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