Jewel, the white pit-bull mix with 'sad brown eyes' was waiting for her forever home with her foster family, but due to health issues, passed away in the morning Saturday, August 10.

According to Jewel's foster mom, Jennifer Dixon, Jewel's health took a turn for the worst in late June when she started loosing her sight.

"She began having vision loss and started bumping into things around the house, she became incontinent and the only thing she wanted to do was rest," Dixon said.

Jewel was rescued by Friends of Shawnee Animals (FOSA) and placed with Dixon and her boyfriend, Clinton Kinslow, in April. When she was found, the dog was severely emaciated and had several health issues.

Dixon said at first no one thought Jewel would last a few days, but she fought hard and lived her last five months in a loving home.

The foster mom explained when they noticed Jewel's health getting worse, they took her to the vet.

"Her glucose levels had been spiked to the 600s," Dixon said. "The vet stated that the infections in her ears and ruptured mammary tumor were making her insulin resistant."

Dixon said they wanted a second opinion, but unfortunately everyone came to the same conclusion. It was Jewel's time to leave.

"We decided that she deserved to be showered with even more love and to treat her to a hamburger party," Dixon said. "So the last few weeks Jewel has still been given her laundry list of meds, but has been able to eat whatever whenever and we cuddled with her every night."

In mid July, Dixon said, Jewel's health deteriorated severely and it was then everyone starting saying their goodbyes.

"In the past five months Jewel received an abundance of love from FOSA, Northside Vet Staff and her foster parents," Dixon said. "Our hearts are so full from the over flow of love and support Jewel received from our community and she will forever be in our hearts."