The Pottawatomie County Environmental Crimes Unit is planning to use a $30,000 grant from United By Blue to clean up between 80 to 110 tons of trash in the "Tribbey Dump" during the week of September 9-13.

According to Head of Environmental Crimes Deputy Shaun Copelin, United By Blue is a clothing brand that also helps communities throughout the country clean up trash.

Copelin said for every product sold the company helps remove one pound of trash and they provide funding of 10 cents per pound of trash.

Copelin explained Environmental Crimes hopes to receive the grant and pick up the dump, which has been around for over 50 years.

Should the program clean up the dump, it would bring Environmental Crimes' total amount of trash cleaned up to just under one million pounds in the last year.

The deputy explained United By Blue is offering up to $30,000 to help clean up the Tribbey Dump, which drains into Salt Creek and Eufaula Lake and is located at Slaughterville Road.