As Shawnee students head back to school Tuesday, the community is reminded to be aware of school zones and bus stops around town.

According to Shawnee Police Department Cpl. Vivian Lozano, there will be officers and extra patrols around school zones.

"Just be extra cautious around school zones," Lozano said.

Drivers are encouraged to drive 25 miles per hour and stop when a bus picks up and drops off students in and around neighborhoods.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Safety, failure to stop for a bus loading or unloading children can result in license revocation, upon conviction.

The first offense is one year and if within five years following the revocation a driver fails to stop again, he or she can lose their license for three years.

To get their license back, drivers must surrender any type of license or permit to DPS, serve the one to three years revocation and pay fees in the amount of $300 to DPS.

Lozano also said people need to be sure to slow down as the Shawnee police speed trailer will be placed in random school zones throughout the city.

Everyone is encouraged to be safe throughout the first day of school.