Blue Zones Project® Pottawatomie County announced that it is organizing a Walking School Bus Challenge! To help grow healthy kids, and a healthy community, Shawnee Mayor, Richard Finley, has joined with the organization to challenge our schools to walk to Japan (6,137 miles) - home of our sister city (Nikaho) and an original blue zone (Okinawa). The school with the most participation will receive $1,000 thanks to the Mayor! Students that participate 6 or more times during the challenge will earn a free entry to the Bell St. Retro Arcade thanks to their generosity. There is even a chance for parents that participate to win a prize!

A walking school bus is a group of children walking to school under the supervision of trusted adult volunteers. Walking School Buses operate much like a traditional school bus with “stops”, where children are “picked up” and walk together to school. The program provides students with a safe route to school, extra physical activity and the opportunity to make new friends. It also decreases traffic congestion around schools and reduces tardiness.

Why are Walking School Buses great for kids and communities?

Increased physical activity

Improved student academic performance

Elevated social skills

Shared sense of community

Decreased traffic near school site

Watch for more information in the coming weeks as the challenge begins the week of September 9.

Want to get involved? Blue Zones Project is encouraging parents, local worksites and other supporting organizations to partner with schools by providing volunteers to lead the bus. If you are interested in participating, reach out to to find out how you can help make the healthy choice the easy choice. Volunteers will be subject to background checks, provided with free training and need to make a scheduled commitment.

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