Gordon Cooper Technology Center (GCTC) is still in the process of building the Marty Lewis Public Safety Center.

According to Superintendent Bob Perry, while the rain has put construction behind, the building has exterior walls and crews are working on the interior.

"We have the foundation up, the exterior walls. We're about 60 percent finished with the bricking of the facility," Perry said. "They're working inside on electrical and cabling...and then we have a contractor putting up the burn tower."

Perry explained with all the rain the building process has been slowed pushing back the originally estimated month of operation.

"The weather has put us a little bit behind. We had anticipated maybe December, but we're thinking more realistically February or March," Perry said. "We hope by Spring Break to be in the building."

Perry said the Safety Center will offer training programs and services to various public safety workers.

"The Public Safety Center is going to be focused on public service sector jobs," Perry said. "We're going to have a criminal justice program for high school students...We're going to move our paramedic program to that facility...Right now the fire service is for existing firefighters to continue their education..."

He explained the Safety Center will have four classrooms, a paramedic training lab, a firearm simulation room, a driving simulation room, a workout space for law enforcement and firefighter training activities, a large meeting room, a fire training tower and additional water features for fire equipment.

"What we do a lot at the Technology Center, with training, is we're wanting to replicate the real life environment as much as possible," Perry said.

The building is located on GCTC's main campus between the diesel training facility and 45th Street.

Members of the GCTC community, Perry said, have responded positively to the new building and are looking forward to when it opens.

"The area wide law enforcement officials, fire service people (and) person in medical services they're very excited," Perry said. "We really believe this going to be one of the premiere public safety sites in the state...,"

Though it's taking longer, Perry said, everyone is looking forward to the future and it's nice to see the progress that's been made.

"We're anxious. The building is starting to take shape. It's starting to look like a building and we're excited about not only have the additional space, (but) we're also excited about the type programming that's going to be in there," Perry said.

The estimated cost for the Safety Center is $5 million and funds for the building and its features are supplied by Building Fund proceeds.

There will be a open ceremony for the Safety Center when the building is finished Perry said.