Educator and long time athlete Dacia Jordan started this new school year as Shawnee High School's newest physical science teacher and coach for the boys tennis team.

Since she was a sophomore at SHS in 1990, Jordan has played tennis and she said going into the season she hopes to help the team reach their full potential.

"These are great young men and I am looking forward to seeing them improve and seeing them reach their goals and our goal is to qualify all four slots at state," Jordan said. "I truly believe we can do it. These are a talented group of boys."

For as long as she can remember Jordan said she's played sports and she decided her sophomore year she wanted to do something different.

"I fell in love with it and thankfully had wonderful coaches...Then when I found out I might be able to play in college I was just elated," Jordan said.

The tennis player went on to play for East Central University and Oklahoma Baptist University and she said she was even more excited when she discovered coaching.

"The thought of coaching is just a passion and to think you could actually do that as a career is a dream come true," Jordan said.

For Jordan the best thing about tennis is that it can be for anyone who wants to play.

"No matter what level you are you can enjoy it and actually, at least for me, someone who has been playing forever can enjoy playing with someone who hasn't been...," Jordan said. "You can always grow."

Jordan said there are around 15- 16 boys on her team and there will be about 14 games making up the season.

Of those boys, one is her son senior Will Jordan who, along with his sister freshman Anna Jordan, followed in his mother's footsteps and fell in love with tennis.

The physical science teacher also explained she hopes as the year continues her team will reach their goal and her players will come to love tennis even more.

"With the year I want these guys to believe in themselves because I do see them qualifying for state and then we've got several young kids that've come up...that I really want to build on their games and just form some good habits...," Jordan said.