Learning at the library isn’t just reserved for the summer months. The Pioneer Library System is building on the success of its 2019 Summer Learning Challenge with a new fall initiative, 10 to Try. The challenge will run from Sept. 1 through Dec. 31.

In the 10 to Try challenge, readers of any age group will have a chance to read books and challenges in a variety of categories with a goal of helping them experience something outside of their comfort zone.

There will be 10 categories of learning activities, and each will have a link to a PLS resource or a book list from the American Library Association to aid readers in finding books.

Categories for the learning activities in the challenge are:

Banned Books; Different Perspectives; Favorite Author; Faraway Places; Staff Favorite; Multicultural Main Character; Graphic Novel ; Book to Film; Biography or Memoir; and Award-Winning Book.

Completing a book from each category earns a participant a badge, and in addition to the knowledge they gain, those who complete the challenge will receive a coupon for a Sonic slush, as well as entry for a drawing to win a tablet at the conclusion of the challenge.

Access the challenge through the PLS website, www.pioneerlibrarysystem.org, under the “My Learning” tab.