A local artist is planning an art adventure.

“I am both nervous and excited about this Art Venture experience in October.” said local artist Douglas G Gordon. “For three weeks I will get to meet fellow artists and create art in different towns and on the train; it’s scary but it’s an ‘Art Adventure’ that I look forward to.”

In October, Gordon will board his first train in Norman, Oklahoma and set forward to head south and then North to Chicago on a train before catching a bus northeast to St. Paul’s, Minnesota. He will spend six days there meeting artists, creating art and spending some quality time with family. From St. Paul’s, Gordon will head East on the Empire Builder to Glasgow, Montana and then east to the greater Seattle area before heading south to Portland and Los Angeles. After LA, Gordon will head west to Albuquerque and then northeast to Dodge City to meet with artists from the 2nd Ave Art Guild before heading home at the end of a long and exciting ‘Art-venture’.

What started off as a simple vacation to visit family before he retires from his full-time job soon became the possibility of an adventure when he discovered that a rail pass was only going to be about $60 more than a return ticket to see his family. Then as word got out about his planned train adventure, friends and other artists, across America. started requesting that he stop in and see them during his trip… and suddenly it evolved into an art-venture.

When asked why he would undertake a three week train and bus trip he said, “basically, because I want to see and enjoy as Much of America as I can before I retire from my full-time job. I also want to collect memories of people, landscapes and events that I can use in my future art creations during my retirement years”.

He says, mainly , he wants to continue promoting and encouraging established and emerging artists and promoting how important art is in today’s American and worldwide Culture. In doing this he says that he will be continuing the work that he started with Studio 112 and a half in Shawnee between 2016 and 2018. The Studio was well known for showing Emerging and Established Artists and holding innovative shows like Shawnee’s first indoor Graffiti show.

Before leaving Shawnee he will be meeting with Dane Pollei, Director of the Mabee Gerrer Museum of art to get ideas and discuss ways to art and promote art and Oklahoma Artists and artists he meets along the way. “I value Dane’s ideas and I look forward to incorporating them into my ‘Art Across America’ art-venture.

During his trip Gordon will be stopping off in Glasgow, Montana, to teach a class, in monotype and non-toxic etching, at The Wheatgrass Arts and Gallery. When planning his trip he says that he used a search engine to find artists and galleries in Glasgow because he grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. He plans to use search engines to connect with other artists along the way. “You might as well go big or go home”, he says.

Gordon will be posting many photos and streaming videos to his Facebook ‘Art Across America’ page ( https://www.facebook.com/ArtAdventure2019/) during his trip as well as on his website at https://douglasggordon.com

In order to raise extra funds to allow for unexpected incidentals, Gordon has a ‘GoFundMe’ campaign ( https://www.gofundme.com/f/art-across-america) and he will be displaying and selling his art at The Arts at 317 during September’s Block Party, On September 20, and during The Rotary Club of Tecumseh’s art show during Frontier Days on September 21. He will also have art for sale on his website.

 Both Douglas and Holly Gordon look forward to seeing all the photos and streaming videos that he will post during his Solo ‘Art Across America’ adventure and they hope you will too.