In a city council meeting Monday night, the city of Prague decided to enlist help from the Oklahoma City law firm Feller Snider to assist with the Prague Community Hospital, which declared bankruptcy under its previous management in North Carolina.

According to City Manager Jim Greff, in addition to legal help, the city also awarded authority to Greff and the city's attorney to discuss and determine a lease agreement for the hospital.

"We're not experts in bankruptcy law so we just want to make sure we do everything right," Greff said.

At the meeting, Greff said the hospital administrator gave an update and everything at the hospital is going well.

In January, the Prague City Council filed a lawsuit against CAH Acquisition Company 7 LLC and its owner HMC/CAH for breach of contract and failing to provide payment to employees.

The city first awarded receivership to Cohesive Healthcare Management and Consulting LLC in March and after various meetings regarding lease control and other such issues, most aspects of control have been transferred to Cohesive.

The city is asking for $39,000 in damages for the contract breach.

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