At the beginning of the school year, students of North Rock Creek Public Schools stepped into the new North Rock Creek High School and after the first few months, students are settling in nicely.

According to Superintendent Blake Moody, students and staff are thriving in their new environment and the high schoolers enjoy having their own space.  

“Things are going great. We have been in the high school over a month now with our students, freshmen and sophomore classes, and it’s still exciting up there,” Moody said.

He explained while students and staff are becoming more familiar with the new building and technology, the initial excitement still hasn’t worn off.

“To make it simple the new definitely has not rubbed off yet,” Moody said.

North Rock Creek held a special grand opening a few days before the first day of school.

Students, parents and members of the community were able to tour the new building and see all the new technology

Moody explained last year the high school officially began and the first freshmen class were attending classes in the district’s older campuses.

Moody explained the new building has many new features with various resources for students.

These include an Innovation Center, new science labs, cafeteria, band rooms, an agriculture center and an art room.

Moody said each classroom in the new school has 65-inch teaching screens that educators can touch, write and work on. They also have microphone access.

Moody explained the school’s Innovation Center has a 20 foot long and 10 foot tall sheet rock wall that has short throw projectors that allow the wall to turn into a touch screen teaching wall. Moody said there is also a broadcast media studio in the Innovation Center and digital screens throughout the school.