A fugitive with a long-standing history of running from law enforcement was apprehended late Wednesday night at a residence in the Wanette area, the sheriff said.

Pottawatomie County Sheriff Mike Booth said Bryant Dwight Schivers Jr., 39, of Lexington, was tracked down to a residence in Pottawatomie County, marking a significant arrest for the U.S. Marshals Service and deputies.

Schivers, who had outstanding warrants out of Cleveland County for domestic assault and battery by strangulation, threatening to perform acts of violence and breaking and entering, was a “professional runner,” Booth said, and had allegedly spent time in Mexico previously to evade authorities.

Schivers, who has many alias names listed on the charges, also has a significant criminal record, Booth said. He allegedly got into an altercation with officers during the late-night arrest, Booth said, but was taken into custody for transport to jail.