The TSET Healthy Living Program serving Pottawatomie County is proud of the Pottawatomie County students, families, communities and schools that participated in national Walk To School Day on October 2, 2019.  Schools across Oklahoma got their daily 60 minutes of physical activity.

Regular physical activity not only helps reduce childhood obesity, it helps strengthen kids’ brains, boost the immune system, improve sleep and reduce stress. This results in fewer absences and disciplinary problems. Aside from improved physical and mental health, active students also gain improved self-confidence and self-esteem.

“Riding bikes or walking to school is a simple way for kids to fit extra physical activity into their day,” said Lisa Cobb, TSET Healthy Living Program consultant serving Pottawatomie County.   “Every step adds up to healthier children. Encouraging healthful living while your kids are young will teach them healthy habits that will stay with them for life.”

Walk to School Day is an easy way for kids to get their recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity. Plus, the day highlights the need for policies and projects that support safe, active communities — like sidewalks, bicycle lanes, crosswalks and walking trails.

In Pottawatomie County, several schools celebrated Walk to School Day.  Those schools that participated and registered to be included in the nationwide count are:  Asher Elementary School, Earlsboro Elementary School, Grove Public School, Horace Mann Elementary School (Shawnee),  Maud Elementary School, McLoud Junior High School, Pleasant Grove Public School, Sequoyah Elementary School (Shawnee), Shawnee Middle School, South Rock Creek Public School, and Will Rogers Elementary School (Shawnee). 

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