How time flies when you are having fun. When did our youth disappear, and where did all the time go? For many, the aging process has a way of slowing down the active lifestyle we grew up accustomed to loving and living.

How time flies when you are having fun. When did our youth disappear, and where did all the time go? For many, the aging process has a way of slowing down the active lifestyle we grew up accustomed to loving and living. This makes improving health an important issue for those in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and above. Many of us are facing role reversals by taking care of our precious parents who noticeably have slowed down because of their ages.

So whether we stay health and nutrition conscious for ourselves, parents, or kids, it is definitely an important time to take a serious look at it, move it to the top of the priority list, and continue to take proactive steps to improve it as we go through the next active 50-70 years of our lives.

Physical fitness and proper nutrition for the body is like getting a full tank of good gas, an oil change, and tune-up for a car engine. It enables us to perform up to our full potential. It gives us the ability to handle daily tasks vigorously and alertly, and still have enough energy left over for enjoying leisure activities that we love, as well as dealing with emergency situations in our lives that we hate. Improved fitness and nutrition provides our body and mind the support to withstand stress, to carry on in circumstances where an unfit person would no longer be able to continue. It is simply a major basic for good health and well-being.

Physical fitness involves the performance of the heart, lungs, and muscles. Keeping our bodies physically fit also has a major impact on blood flow to the brain, which can affect what we can do with our minds, mental alertness, and emotional stability. As we all know to well, life can bring challenges that require us to be healthy and strong to handle them positively!

Always start your fitness programs by first seeing a doctor! They can evaluate your current status, and provide vital advice to best suit you, and finally continue to monitor and check your progress later into the program. Most older people-even with disabilities-can take part in moderate exercise programs with guidance, and everyone can, and absolutely should, incorporate a solid nutrition program. People who exercise are also less likely to suffer from fractures and injury due to accidents. Exercise, proper nutrition, and hydration must become one of the things you do without question, just like bathing and brushing your teeth.

Another area of concern as we age is gaining weight around the belly. Not only is it unattractive weight, but it is very unhealthy. For every inch your waistline exceeds the size of your chest it increases the risk factors for life. As we age this task of increasing inches in the middle happens so effortlessly. This is not good because lack of exercise and a weak abdomen can interfere with proper functioning of the organs inside it, and from facilitating movements of the trunk and legs; the stomach muscles provide protection for the liver, kidneys, and pancreas.

Sitting gives stomach muscles little to do, and so they weaken. And because sitting gives the rest of our bodies little to do, we fatten. It is a vicious cycle: As our increasing waistline makes movement more difficult, movement begins to decrease, and less movement means fewer calories are burned. Fewer calories burned means more calories stored around the middle. So the answer is come on baby boomers, let’s get ourselves and our families up and moving towards improved health now!

Patience is the key here. You can’t gain in a few days or weeks what you have lost in years of aging, but you can get your flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance back if you slowly and consistently persevere as a way of life. This translates into an active and more vibrant quality of life for all of our living years! We can do this!

Until next week, please make it a healthy and nutritious day! For more information on starting your nutrition for better health and weight loss, contact Reggie at Reggie’s Personal Training & Nutrition, 104 E. Main, Downtown Shawnee, (405) 613-0237. Message Reggie on face book at Reggies personal training & nutrition!

Reggie Grovey is a local 21-year fitness professional and nationally certified personal trainer and Advocare Nutrition independent distributor.