The desire to raise chickens continues to grow.  With the cities of Edmond and Shawnee recently allowing backyard chickens within the city limits, local farm stores will likely see another increase in demand for chicken related items.  People new to chickens may have a number of questions about raising chickens here in central Oklahoma.  Questions about brooding chicks, feeding hens, treating illnesses and providing housing and protection from predators are all likely to come up.  To help answer these questions, the OSU Extension Offices in Cleveland County and Oklahoma County in cooperation with the Canadian Valley Poultry Club's Mega Poultry Show will be offering a series of free poultry workshops at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds in Norman, OK on Saturday, November 2, 2019.

The goal of the workshops is to provide people interested in chickens and other types of poultry useful information no matter what their experience level may be.  There will be workshops that cover the basics for the new backyard poultry keeper as well as more advanced topics for more experienced breeders looking for ways to improve flock heath, biosecurity, and incubation success.  Attendees will also have free access to the poultry show which will feature over 2,000 high quality chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and guineas.  Food and refreshments will also be available for purchase at the show.

On Saturday, November 2nd starting at 9 a.m., Brad Secraw, Cleveland County OSU Extension Agriculture Educator will give those new to poultry the information they need to get started with backyard poultry.  At 10 a.m., the OSU Extension Southeast Area Livestock Specialist, Brian Freking, will present some basic information on poultry nutrition as well as a simple nutrition spreadsheet that he has created for poultry enthusiasts.  At 11 a.m., the University of Arkansas Extension Poultry Veterinarian, Dr. Dustan Clark, will provide information and answer questions related to biosecurity as well as identifying, preventing, and treating common illnesses in poultry.  At noon, Dr. Sara Orlowski with the University of Arkansas will present advanced strategies for improving hatch rates, including embryo diagnosis.