Have you noticed all the fire trucks around town, at school and day care centers?  It is Fire Prevention Month.  I can still remember sitting in kindergarten when the fire fighters came to visit and taught me STOP, DROP and ROLL.  Now I hear they have added - Get Low and Go to the instructions.

But, fire plans are not just for kids.  Everyone should have a plan in place and the whole family should know and practice it.  Here are a few simple tips to get your plan in place.

1. Clear an escape route-put away toys and rearrange any furniture that prevents easy access to an outside door or window.

2. Assign accountability partners-to make sure everybody gets out safely, including pets.  Remember, some people can sleep through anything.

3. Close door behind you-as you walk through your escape route.  This will slow the spread of fire and giving you more time to escape.

4. Teach your family to test closed doors-And use an alternate route if a door is warm.  Before a drill, label some doors "hot!" as practice for knowing and using alternate routes.

5. Get low and Go-Practice with your children crawling through the house in the escape route.

6. Practice using an escape ladder-Store rope ladders so they are easy to find.

7. Stop, drop and ROLL-once you've made it out.

8. Choose an outside safe meeting place-and stay PUT!!