The Fire Clowns of Shawnee returned to the stage to perform and educate students at the Shawnee High School Performance Arts and Athletic Center Thursday, Oct. 10, which was their latest show during 2019 Fire Prevention Week.

The clowns have and will continue to put on shows at many area schools during Fire Prevention Week which is observed each October.

The clowns included Scooter (Richard Stevenson), Farkle (Tyler Farley), Bobo (Bo Cannon), Bert (Brett Laxson), Nozzle (Keipher Hotella), Axe (Chris Bertrain), Plug (Joe Henry) and Porkchop (Nick Auld).

The theme of the show was "Clowns Got Talent" and throughout the show each clown performed a talent and taught a different lesson on fire, water and other safety forms.