Maud football coach Kenon White will sit out three games after pulling his players from a nondistrict game against Wilson last Friday, which resulted in a forfeit.

Maud superintendent Cindy White announced White's punishment Friday in a statement. White must sit out three games and complete training on Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association rules, teaching and modeling behavior and social media.

White pulled his team in the middle of the second quarter trailing Wilson 14-0 after he thought one of his players was horse-collared and a penalty wasn't thrown, according to text messages obtained by The Oklahoman from one of Wilson's coaches that was sent to the OSSAA.

Maud didn't call timeout, which resulted in a delay of game penalty after the ready-for-play whistle was sounded, according to the text message. Then, White had his players head to the 50-yard line to shake hands.

Wilson coach Kenny Ridley then asked White at midfield not to do this, to which White replied, "We can't fight you and the referees both," according to the text message. 

The game is listed as a 2-0 forfeit by Maud on the OSSAArankings page. Per OSSAA rules, if a coach “removes his/her team from the playing area, the game shall be forfeited and the school or team automatically placed on probation.”

Here is White's statement:

"Maud Public Schools will never fault an educator who supports and looks after kids.However, there are rules and procedures in place that must be followed.

During the football game on Oct. 4, Maud Head Football Coach took his players off of the field this was a violation of OSSAA Rule 13, Section 4. In addition, he violated OSSAA Board Policy IV.

These actions have placed Maud High School Football Team on OSSAA probation.In order to relieve the probation status, Maud administration recommended to the OSSAA that Maud Head Football Coach sit-out two games and complete training on: OSSAA rules, Teaching and Modeling Behavior, and Social Media.

An OSSAA representative responded through email that a three-game sit-out for coach and completion of the training suggested will remove the Maud team from probationary status and allow participation in district games and the playoffs.

Being that this is 30% of the season the appeals process was asked about, the OSSAA responded that the appeal process for Rule violations is found in OSSAA Rule 20, Section 3, as stated in Section 3A,

“An appeal of a rule violation determination under Section 1 is considered directly by OSSAA’s Board of Directors.”.....the next regularly scheduled meeting of the OSSAA Board of Directors would be on Wednesday, Nov 13 at 9 am.....until an appeal could be heard, probationary status for the Maud Football team would remain in place....this would prohibit the team from participating in the district football standings and prohibit them from participating in the OSSAA Football Playoffs.....”

After relaying this information to Maud Head Football Coach, he volunteered to sit the OSSAA required 3 games and complete the on-line training. If he does not, his team will be punished. 

Maud Public School would like to thank our community and others for supporting us. Our goal is that we will grow from this and continue to provide for our kids the best that we can."

Maud lost Friday's matchup 42-22 against Wetumka and is 3-3 on the season.