Members of the Shawnee community and surrounding areas celebrated Gordon Cooper Technology Center’s 50th anniversary Tuesday, October 15.

According to Superintendent Bob Perry, the event was a success and he was happy to attend and see students former and current.

"It's been really exciting seeing so many of our friends from the community and our alums," Perry said. "I got to talk with a student from the 69-70 nursing program so that was a highlight...but it's been a great event and the committee did wonderful."

For Perry one of the best aspects of the event was meeting the daughter of GCTC's first superintendent John C. Bruton, Sharron Bruton Pounds.

Pounds said her father was the superintendent in 1969 when the school first started and while she did not attend GCTC, she's happy to see the changes the school has made.

"I feel like this is another sibling. I think it's excited to see how they stay progressive and just keep moving forward to stay current and to prepare students," Pounds said.

Pounds also said her father would be very proud of where GCTC is today and happy to see all the former and present students together in one place.

"He really enjoyed and believed in the concept of the (vocational) school," Pounds said. "I'm just very proud of what people have done in the past 50 years...and he would be very proud of all of them."

The event featured activities for both alumni and other community members including inflatables, food, games and live music.

Several alumni attended the event and reminisced the good times they had while at GCTC.

The alumni were able to talk with former teachers, classmates and Bob Perry and share past experiences as well as learn about the school's programs both old and new.

The programs included welding, health, construction, safety services and more.

Overall the event gave Shawnee community members and surrounding areas the opportunity to celebrate the long and successful history of GCTC and give potential students an insight into everything GCTC has to offer.