The Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB) will host a teacher-training workshop on Saturday, Oct. 26, at Frederick A. Douglass High School. Teachers can attend for free and learn how to use one of the OERB’s nine energy curricula in their classrooms. The curricula provide teachers from kindergarten through 12th grade with hands-on STEM lessons that are aligned to state standards and provide real-world applications.

Teachers who complete the training will walk out with a free kit of supplies, worth up to $1,100, a teacher’s guide and a stipend for attending. They are also eligible for a free field trip to one of 16 museums across the state for every year they teach the curricula in their classrooms.

During the workshop, OERB master teachers will train attendees to do the experiments and lessons in their own classrooms. Media is invited to attend, watch the teachers in action and learn more about this free program.

Registration for the workshop is open until noon on Oct. 23. Teachers can learn more and register for the workshop at

Through the voluntary contributions from the oil and natural gas industry and royalty owners, the OERB has spent almost $14 million on the hands-on curricula and $4.2 million on field trips to date. The OERB was created in 1993 by the Oklahoma Legislature and is funded through a voluntary one tenth of 1 percent assessment on oil and natural gas producers and royalty owners. The agency’s purpose is to conduct environmental restoration of abandoned well sites and to educate Oklahomans about the importance of the petroleum industry.