Many awards of achievement were given Tuesday, honoring youth from several 4-H groups in the county.

On Tuesday evening, more than 150 guests arrived to honor local youth at the annual Pottawatomie County 4-H Achievement Banquet, as new officers were installed.

Many awards of achievement were given, honoring youth from several 4-H groups in the county. There are 4-H clubs in Asher, Bethel, Dale, McLoud, Macomb, South Rock Creek and Tecumseh, as well as Home Ag — a group comprised of home-schoolers, and a Shooting Sports 4-H Club.

Changing of the guard

The 2018-2019 Leadership Team ended their terms during the event, as the reins were handed over to next year's new officers.

Team members stepping down were: Josey Moore, president; Morley Griffith, vice-president; Chloe Kelsey, secretary; Kyleigh Merrick, reporter; Taylor Marrs, recreation leader; Konner Ingersoll, member at-large; Corban Winsett, junior representative; Emma Collins, junior representative; and Kimberly Holland, ambassador.

Most of the outgoing leadership team remained on board, with some switching roles, along with the addition of a couple new faces.

Kyleigh Merrick took the gavel as the new president, with Morley Griffith continuing in her role as VP.

Serving in the other roles are:

• Reporter — Taylor Marrs

• Secretary — Emma Collins

• Members at-large — Konner Ingersoll and Kimberly Holland

• Recreation — Chloe Kelsey

• Junior Representative — Andrew Collins

• Junior Representative/Ambassador — Kylie Nunneley


Many were honored with awards for various achievements throughout the year.

Some of them were:

• Volunteer of the Year — Josh Grundmann

• Kiwanis Outstanding Citizen Award — Rilie Hodge, Macomb; and Corban Winsett, Bethel

• State 4-H Ambassadors — Hadley Griffith; Kyleigh Merrick; and Morley Griffith

• Winners of the 2019 county fair 4-H archery contest: Gavin Lynch, junior division; Kyann Sells, intermediate division; and Konner Ingersoll, senior division

• Gardener Awards: Colleen Williams, Dale, youngest gardener award; Jacee Townsend, SRC, third place; Francis Fugikawa, Home Ag, second place; and sharing the honor of first place, Blake and Harper Haskins, SRC, tied with Jack VanAntwerp, SRC

• Highest number of Poinsetta sales — Kimberly Holland, Tecumseh; and Tecumseh 4-H Club had most sales

• Round Robin — Bethel 4-H Club (fourth year in a row)

• Outstanding Newcomer Award — Quinn Carpenter, Bethel; and Jacee Townsend, SRC

• Outstanding Junior Awards — Kimberly Holland, Tecumseh; and Corban Winsett, Bethel

• Outstanding Senior Awards — Konner Ingersoll, Bethel, and the Pott. County Shooting Sports Archery Project Club

• Emerald Awards — Gina Rounsaville and Angela Dockrey

• 4-H Trip (to Washington D.C.) Award — Morley Griffith, Dale

• Pottawatomie County Senior Hall of Fame Award — Konner Ingersoll, Bethel