Shawnee played host to the Class 2A, 3A and 4A State Cross Country Championships Saturday at the Gordon Cooper Technology Center as several area participants competed.

The best individual finish came from North Rock Creek freshman Jordan Coody, who covered the 5k distance in 17:39.92 for sixth place, in the Class 2A boys championship race.

In the Class 3A boys division , Meeker claimed ninth place with a score of 254. Bethel followed with a 320 for 12th place and Chandler posted a 397 for 14th place.

Three area runners – two from Meeker and one from Bethel – placed in the top 20 as Meeker freshman Riley Randall was ninth with a 17:44.11 and Bethel senior Colton Ingmire finished 10th in 17:51.65. Meeker freshman Braxton Bussell ended up 17th after clocking in at 18:10.19. The next highest finish from the area was Chandler senior Brayden Danker, who took 31st with a time of 8:33.41.

In the 3A girls 3,200-meter event, Chandler took ninth place as two of its runners – freshman Cassie Wright and sophomore Leah Brannon – finished in the top 50. Wright was 43rd with a time of 13:45.12 and Brannon ended up 45th in 13:48.73.

In the 4A boys 5k race, the best finish came from Seminole junior Tanner Hoskison, who took 35th with a time of 18:02.37.

Seminole ended up 19th in the boys team standings.

In the 4A girls division, Seminole was 21st as its best finish was 61st by senior Cienna Works, who posted a time of 14:02.39.

For a look at the area runners and their times see below.

Class 2A Boys State Championships (5k)


Jordan Coody (North Rock Creek), 6th place, time of 17:39.92

Class 3A Boys State Championships (5k)

Area Team Finishes: Meeker 9th place, Bethel 12th, Chandler 14th.


Riley Randall (Meeker), 9th place, 17:44.11

Colton Ingmire (Bethel), 10th place, 17:51.65

Braxton Bussell (Meeker), 17th place, 18:10.19

Brayden Danker (Chandler), 31st place, 18:33.41

Tyler Telford (Bethel), 83rd place, 20:03.97

Evan Fry (Bethel), 87th place, 20:12.75

Kaden Brill (Prague), 93rd place, 20:20.67

Glennon Selke (Chandler), 94th place, 20:21.21

Jared McCalip (Chandler), 112th place, 20:44.61

Levi Watham (Meeker), 119th place, 21:00.35

Kandon Mitchell (Bethel), 128th place, 21:27.44

Miguel Bernad (Meeker), 131st place, 21:32.16

Easton Cummings (Chandler), 146th place, 23:04.21

Andrew Gardner (Bethel), 150th place, 23:17.63

Class 3A Girls State Championships (3,200 meters)

Area Team Finish: Chandler 9th place


Cassie Wright (Chandler), 43rd place, 13:45.12

Leah Brannon (Chandler), 45th place, 13:48.73

Emily Horn (Chandler), 53rd place, 14:02.08

Shayla Peery (Chandler), 56th place, 14:03.63

Callie Sellers (Meeker), 57th place, 14:04.24

Millie Carlile (Bethel), 73rd place, 14:24.08

Annie Brannon (Chandler), 94th place, 14:47.00

Payton Camren (Prague), 114th place, 15:17.01

Victoria Barton (Chandler), 119th place, 16:35.18

Mayci Webb (Chandler), 143rd place, 16:54.16

Class 4A Boys State Championships (5k)

Area Team Finish: Seminole 19th place


Tanner Hoskison (Seminole), 18:02.37

Connor Childs (Seminole), 63rd place, 18:54.88

Brayden Midget (Tecumseh), 111th place, 19:42.05

Chase Brooks (Seminole), 126th place, 20:06.71

Logan Haworth (Tecumseh), 127th place, 20:07.19

Hayden McClure (Tecumseh), 139th place, 20:24.23

Wyatt Dice (Seminole), 141st place, 20:25.79

Riley Khalil (Seminole), 144th place, 20:37.65

Carson Newton (Seminole), 163rd place, 23:15.67

Zach Anson (Seminole), 167th place, (24;24.78)

Class 4A Girls State Championships (3,200 meters)

Area Team Finish: Seminole, 19th place


Cienna Works (Seminole), 61st place, 14:02.39

Izabella Garcia (McLoud), 85th place, 14:18.63

Madison Gates (Seminole), 90th place, 14:21.71

Rebecca Choate (Seminole), 98th place, 14:29.26

Maria Ramirez (Seminole), 134th place, 15:33.49

Alissa Stone (Seminole), 146th place, 16:11.00

Skylee Bighead (Seminole), 149th place, 16:16.46

Marin Adams (Seminole), 159th place, 16:46.33