Across the street from the bowling alley and sitting on a hill is the new and improved Vintage Depot, now filled with a larger collection of vintage treasures including everything from signs to furniture to toys.

According to co-owner Kimberly Rogers, she and her husband Greg moved the Depot to 610 N. Harrison Street in June of 2019 after wanting more room for their merchandise.

"It was a larger building with better parking," Kimberly said.

Kimberly is a Shawnee resident and has owned the Depot since 2016. She explained the store is still filled with unique jewelry, decorations and other such knickknacks.

However, because of the new 4,000 square foot building, Kimberly said she can offer even more items to the vintage lovers of Shawnee.

"We're able to offer larger pieces, a bigger selection and more furniture than before...but we still have antiques and vintage (items) and we have the handmade soap and the seasonal decorations," Kimberly said.

The store owner explained there has been a positive response from community members and she enjoys having more space.

"I have a better flow of traffic here. We're more visible and I just love having more room to have better choices for people," Kimberly said. "I think people are more that we have so much more stuff for them to choose from they like it a lot better."

Kimberly explained her regular customers visit the store as well as new people from near and far.

"I see the same customers I had before, but I'm seeing a lot more people from out of town and even out of state because they've heard about us," Kimberly said.

Kimberly used to be an assistant manager for Lowe's and then decided to open the Depot in May of 2016.

"My husband and I both really love vintage and antiques. We collect lots of things and we were out buying things for our personal collection and we just started buying things for the store. Buying things we thought people would enjoy," Kimberly said.

The business owner explained she finds objects from various places including flea markets, garage sales, estate sales and auctions.

"(Our products) are a piece of the past. A piece of something. We have Oklahoma t-shirts. We have just anything eclectic, fun and things of interest," Kimberly said.

Originally, Kimberly said the Depot was named because of it's previous geological placement in Shawnee.

"We (were) close to the railroad track...and we sell vintage items, so Vintage Depot kind of let's you know what's in here as well as just gives it a name," Kimberly said.

As time goes on, the owner of the Vintage Depot said she wants her store to remain a community favorite and to add more to her collection.