There are hundreds of new laws taking effect, as of today, in Oklahoma. A few are summarized here.

There are hundreds of new laws taking effect, as of today, in Oklahoma.

Here's a rundown of just a few of them:

House Bill 2597

This bill authorizes the open or concealed carrying of a gun — loaded or unloaded — by residents 21 years old or older (and current military personnel or veterans at least 18 years old) without a license or permit.

It is still prohibited to those who have been convicted of assault and battery; aggravated assault and battery; domestic abuse; stalking; violating a protective order; or illegal drug use or possession.

Carrying firearms is still prohibited in certain areas, like buildings owned or leased by any level of governmental authority; courthouses; prisons; jails; public schools; private schools (unless allowed by school policy); sports arenas; or authorized gambling establishments.

House Bill 1071

This bill increases certain highway speed limits.

A speed limit of 75 miles per hour may be set in locations comprising rural segments of the interstate highway system, provided that speed is determined to be safe and reasonable after a traffic or engineering study has been completed.

A speed limit of 80 miles per hour may be set in locations comprising the turnpike system, as may be approved by the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.

House Bill 1269

In light of 2016's State Question 780 — where simple drug possession was changed from of a felony to a misdemeanor — this bill addresses the expungement of criminal records and commutations, etc.

The bill will cause many current inmates to be able to have their felony sentences commuted by the Pardon and Parole Board.

Senate Bill 882

This bill creates the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Waste Management Act. Waste is considered root balls, stems, fan leaves and seeds.

No person or entity shall possess, transport or dispose of medical marijuana waste without a valid medical marijuana waste disposal license. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority shall not, for the first year, issue more than 10 licenses, at which point it will determine the need for more.

House Bill 2325

Minors are now going to be permitted to accompany parents or legal guardians into liquor stores. They cannot go into such an establishment without their parents or legal guardians.

House Bill 1259

A voter is now allowed to take a digital image or photo of his or her marked ballot, and can distribute or share the image via social media or by any other means, if performed voluntarily and in compliance with state and federal law. Anyone who shares such an image in order to intimidate, coerce or unlawfully influence another voter is guilty of a misdemeanor.