Numerous community members and Shawnee High School students dressed in various costumes for HOWL-O-Ween Haunt the Halls Thursday, Oct. 31 and trick-or-treated as part of Howl Week 2019.

According to SHS Principal Matt Johnson, the event was extremely popular and the line was out the door as people arrived early for the event.

"It was packed and it was great especially for our first time. We will definitely do it again in the next few years," Johnson said.

The principal explained the event was one of several fundraising events the school hosted to help raise money to send 20 athletes and 20 of their peers to the Oklahoma Special Olympics May 13-15, 2020.

Johnson said Haunt the Halls brought in over $1,000 worth of donations for the Special Olympics.

"Our kids have not been able to go to the Special Olympics for about five years and so it was just something just a couple of the teachers...really had a passion for," Johnson said. "We just wanted to send them and do something good."

In addition to Haunt the Halls, Johnson said SHS hosted a movie night on Monday, Oct. 28 and Bingo Night on Wednesday, Oct. 30.

The principal said SHS raised $150 at the movie night and someone anonymously donated $500 at Bingo Night.

"We would like to raise enough money to get uniforms for the kids and to get food for them, travel expenses and then they stay a couple night up in Stillwater, so lodging as well," Johnson said.