The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is excited to celebrate these teachers along with the more than 20,000 teachers currently pursuing Board certification – seen as the profession’s mark of accomplished teaching.

“Today’s announcement is cause for celebration because thousands more teachers have shown that they teach to the highest standards in the profession. Research makes clear that the 122,000 NBCTs teaching in our nation’s schools have a significant impact on student learning. Students of all backgrounds are the beneficiaries. The future becomes brighter as we all work towards an accomplished teacher for every student, in every classroom, across the country,” said Peggy Brookins, NBCT, President and CEO of The National Board.There are currently 3,093 National Board Certified Teachers in Oklahoma.

Melanne was one of the first teachers in the state to receive National Board Certification in 1998 and was one of the first teachers in Shawnee to become Nationally Board Certified. Greenwood said, “I went through National Board Certification when no one in my area really had any idea about it. I actually had to roll one of the only computers down to my classroom and use dial up to work on my portfolio and video to certify back then. I knew it was something that would change my pedagogy and practice forever. I learned at an early stage in my career that it was about knowing students, knowing standards of good practice and going above and beyond each and every day.” Greenwood was one of the first in the state and the first in Shawnee to go through recertification after 10 years in 2008. Greenwood certified again and was eligible to continue to receive the $5.000 yearly stipend provided by the state to reward Nationally Board Certified Teachers. Greenwood later moved into the library after working on her LMS degree, and also helped to write and facilitate the 21st Century STEM program. Greenwood taught for the Shawnee Public School System for 25 years. Next, she moved into the STEM Coordinator position at Gordon Cooper Technology Center. and worked with business and industry partners and 27 districts in this area and led the Regional STEM Alliance. Last year, Greenwood decided to go through the process yet again, even though she was out of the classroom and would not qualify for the yearly stipend. Greenwood said, “It was never about the money for me. Don’t get me wrong, the money helped catch up from all of the Christmas bills and classroom needs that piled up, but I did it because it is WHO I am. I was raised by an educator and I was mentored by the best educators in my building and district that taught me to be a lifelong learner. Growing as

a professional is what is is all about. I never do the same thing twice or in the same way. I always work to find a way to meet more students and their needs, make a lesson more engaging or interesting and reach out to my community to help parents and students.” Greenwood is now the Principal at McLoud Junior High. Greenwood and her husband, Jon, have two sons, Parker and Payton, and currently reside in Shawnee.

The National Board is at work across the country, helping set the expectation that all teachers should demonstrate accomplished teaching via National Board certification and become leaders in their schools and communities. Every child should have the opportunity to learn from an accomplished teacher.


About the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards ( ): The founding mission of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is to advance the quality of teaching and learning by: (1) maintaining high and rigorous standards for what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do; (2) providing a national voluntary system certifying teachers who meet these standards; and (3) advocating related education reforms to integrate National Board Certification in American education and to capitalize on the expertise of National Board Certified Teachers. Recognized nationwide, the National Board believes higher standards for teachers means better learning for students.