Members of the Shawnee High School band received a Superior rating at the Oklahoma Secondary Activities Association (OSSAA) state competition Tuesday, Nov. 5.

According to Director of Bands Ryan Henigman, in addition to the competition, 35 students were accepted into the Oklahoma Baptist College Honor Band Monday, Nov. 4.

Henigman said the list of OBU Honor Band students are as follows. High schoolers: Mikylah Rodrigues, 7th Flute
, Grace Weiwel, 2nd Oboe, Hannah Ticer, 5th Clarinet, Caryssa Bui, 6th Clarinet, Katigan Barksdale, 10th Clarinet, Breeanna Lee, 1st Clarinet, Lorelei Brem, 1st Alto Saxophone, Hanaa Saidi, 3rd Alternate Saxophone, Sean Martin, 8th Trumpet, Matthew Harjo, 2nd Horn, Aidan Grein, 3rd Horn, Madison Ticer, 3rd Alternate Horn, Jordan LeCompte, 1st Trombone, Bryce Holter, 3rd Alternate Trombone, Christopher Knoles, 2nd Tuba, Unomi Baker, String Bass, Kamryn Manlapig, 6th Percussion, Erin LaBar, 8th Percussion, Grant Hall, 2nd Alternate Percussion and Levi Wilson, 3rd Alternate Percussion. Junior high band: DezaRae Simmons, 9th Flute, Allison Holter, 2nd Clarinet, Michael Pearne, 2nd Alternate Bass clarinet, Bo Jacobs, 3rd Alto Saxophone, Victoria Bandy, 1st Alternate Alto Saxophone, Logan Williams, 1st Alternate Tenor Saxophone, Josh Knobel, 6th Trumpet, Keilani Anderson, 8th Trumpet, Sarah Peters, 2nd Horn, Eric Hair, 4th Horn, Jason Keahnah-Talbot, 2nd Alternate Euphonium, Aaron Rother, 1st Percussion, Chiara Carpenter, 6th Percussion, Aiden D’Amours, 1st Alternate Percussion and Elara Lee, 2nd Alternate Percussion. OBU honor jazz band: Jordan LeCompet, 1st Trombone, Nathan White, Bass Trombone and Levi Wilson, Drums.