The Avedis Foundation recently awarded a $10,000 grant to Infant Crisis Services' BabyMobile.

“This grant from will provide funding for almost seven full BabyMobile site visits and ensure that nearly 250 local infants and toddlers will receive the formula, food and diapers that they need to thrive,” Avedis President and CEO Kathy Laster said. “By providing these basic needs in early childhood, Infant Crisis Services is impacting a child for life.”

Miki Farris, executive director of Infant Crisis Services, said since the BabyMobile began providing services to Pottawatomie County in early 2017, the Avedis Foundation has been one of its most loyal partners.

“The Community Market in Shawnee was one of our busiest locations last year — and the busiest outside Oklahoma County,” Farris said. “We simply could not fulfill our mission without the valuable support offered by the Avedis Foundation.”

The BabyMobile program has been in existence since October of 2013 and was developed in response to client feedback that lack of reliable transportation and distance from its office to their homes were the biggest barriers between their babies and the services they needed. Since that time, the one-of-a-kind program utilizes two customized and fully stocked units that have served Oklahoma infants and toddlers more than 28,000 times.

The BabyMobile has provided services almost 2,000 times since coming to Pottawatomie County; Farris said the BabyMobile looks forward to serving thousands more.

Beginning in January of 2020, we will initiate the Big Changes. Bright Futures service expansion, and every child under the age of four will receive four annual visits every single calendar year until their fourth birthday, Farris said.

For more information about the Infant Crisis Services BabyMobile, call (405) 528-3663.

For more information about the Avedis Foundation, call

(405) 273-4055.