Veteran's Day is special for the Beacon Sunday School class at First Baptist Church Shawnee. Nine of the 11 members of the class are veterans. Former service members posed recently for a picture at the church. From right to left, they include LT CDR (U. S. Navy Ret.) Carl Moss; CAPT(US Navy-Ret.) David Stevens; LT COL (USAF-Ret.) Bill Horechek; CAPT (U.S. Army) Bill Ford; MAJ (USAF-Ret.) Wally Lale; James Sampley (FBI Security), Don Price (U. S. Air Force), Petty Officer 1st Class (USN) and SGT 1st Class (U. S. Army/Army Reserves) Richard Parrilla; and class teacher Dr. Donald Rominger, Jr. Not available for the picture were COL (U. S. Army Ret.) John Prince and member Toby Blaylock. Other member veterans who passed away recently included Dale Cates and Jack Brown.