The Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) hosted a Veterans Day ceremony Monday, Nov. 11 at the Shawnee Municipal Auditorium to honor veterans in the community.

According to James Dockemeyer, Tech Sargent for the United States Air Force, the purpose of the event is to acknowledge those who fought and continue to fight for their country.

"It means a lot because it's our way of expressing not only that all veterans — no matter when they served — are important, (but) it also means that we've all given the ultimate that we would say whatever the country needs we would do," Dockemeyer said.

Dockemeyer spoke at the ceremony and expressed the same sentiment to his fellow veterans and community members in the audience.

Dockemeyer also explained what he believes it means to be a veteran and a member of the military.

"It means a privilege to serve. A privilege to be apart of the country in a different way. To hold it to different values, different codes and different morals. That's what it has meant to me," Dockemeyer said.

Dockemeyer said the Veterans Day event is held by the Veterans Parks Committee and usually hosted by the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans and the VFW.

This particular event was hosted by the VFW and many other veterans or members of their families spoke on the importance of recognizing those who've served the United States.