From shaving their coats to giving them baths, Shawnee High School senior K’la Shadaram spends part of her day grooming and caring for dogs of all shapes and breeds during her internship at the Doggie Spot.

The 17-year-old said each day she works with a different dog and she loves every minute of it.

“When I was little, I wanted be a vet, but then I realized I couldn’t put a dog down, so this was another close thing I wanted to do,” Shadaram said.

The senior said she’s always loved animals and for her, one of the best aspects of being at the Doggie Spot is getting to be surrounded by dogs all day.

“They’re like babies and kids to me. They’re free spirited. You sometimes have to get on to them because they’re like kids and they’re just really loving and loyal,” Shadaram said.

In addition to the joyful aspect of her internship, Shadaram said she is grateful for how it will help her in the future.

“I benefit by getting experience so when I try to look for a job it will look good on my resume,” Shadaram said.

According to one of her mentors and groomer Mercedes Osolin, Shadaram is doing well at the Doggie Spot and they’re happy to have her there.

“I think she’s advanced very well throughout the time she’s been here…She does a good job drying (the dogs),” Osolin said. “It gives her a lot of experience. Jobs of our profession don’t like to hire newbies so to speak. It’s getting her ahead of the game in the job field.”

Osolin said in addition to her grooming skills, Shadaram has the right personality to work with animals.

“(She’s) very patient, very kind and I think she does very well,” Osolin said.

After she graduates, Shadaram said she will attend Seminole State College and pursue a business degree.

The senior said she hopes one day to own her own business and to become the best groomer she can be.