The Shawnee Police Department is investigating a second-degree robbery attempt that occurred at the Kwick Stop Sinclair at the intersection of Wolverine Road and North Harrison Street on Tuesday, Nov. 19.

According to the police report, Store Clerk at the Kwick Stop Sinclair Rachel Ostroske was working about 6:55 p.m. when an Indian male subject entered the store wanting to purchase a cigar.

The report said Ostroske told police that the man showed her a correction ID with no birth date. After using the restroom, he found his ID with a birthdate, but then he didn't have enough money and asked if he could pay for it later.

After telling the man no, Ostroske told police the subject walked over to the stores's beer cooler and began stuffing his jacket with cases of alcohol.

As he was doing that, the police report said, a female customer and her daughter were at the cash resister and the male subject attempted to grab money from the register and Ostroske.

Ostroske told police she was able to push the man off and he left the store and walked north toward Wolverine Road.

The report said Ostroske told police the man did not get away with any money, but several cases of beer.

The store clerk described the man as being approximately 5''9-5''10 and weighing around 200 pounds with brown hair and as having a tattoos – one of an arrow on his forearm, a tribal design on the other forearm and a feather on his right temple.

According to Cpl. Vivian Lozano, police are still investigating the attempted robbery. Anyone with information is asked to call police at (405) 273-2122.