Editor's Note: This story is part of a series focusing on Shawnee High School students who are preparing for future careers through internships as part of Individual Career Academic Plan (ICAP).

From classes at Oklahoma Baptist University to advance placement courses to track and field, Shawnee High School student Audrie Lupton is juggling a lot her senior year, including her internship at Harrison Discount Pharmacy.

The 17-year-old said every morning she arrives at the pharmacy and observes the staff as they process and fill prescriptions and assist customers.

"I just kind of watch and see how everything goes. Sometimes they show me something new and if something different happens they explain it to me," Lupton said.

Lupton said she chose her internship at Harrison Discount Pharmacy because it is the best preparation she can receive for her dream job.

"I want to be an anesthesiologist so I thought pharmacy and medicine would be a good background," Lupton said.

For a while now, Lupton said she's wanted to pursue a career in medicine because she enjoys chemistry.

"I've always wanted to do something medical and a couple of years ago I started looking into anesthesiology and decided that is something I wanted to do," Lupton said.

Through her internship, Lupton explained she is learning a lot and she enjoys observing how the pharmacy runs day-to-day.

"I like seeing how they handle different problems," Lupton said. "I think I have a better understanding of medicine now and I have a good idea of how retail pharmacy looks."

According to one of her mentors, Staff Pharmacist Mark Meek Lupton works hard and is benefiting greatly from her internship.

"We've enjoyed having her and I think she gets to see what we do on a daily basis and gets a better understanding of what a pharmacist does," Meek said. "(It gives) her a more well rounded view of the health care system as a whole."

In addition to her internship, Lupton said she is in the National Honor Society, on the track and field team, attends concurrent classes at OBU and AP classes at SHS.

The senior explained though it can be a challenge, she tries her best to maintain all her academics, extra activities and her internship.

Lupton said she looks forward to the rest of her internship and is looking into a few different colleges to attend after graduation.

"I'm looking at the Naval Academy. That's my top choice right now. (Tulane University School of Medicine) is up there and (the University of Oklahoma)," Lupton said. "(The Naval Academy) is a super good school, everything is paid for and when you graduate you have a job."

The senior said she is optimistic about the future, hopes to major in Bio Chemistry and attend medical school.