Brooklyn Michelle Nixon, teenager and freshman at Tecumseh High School, continues her recovery following the fatal car crash that killed sophomore Ryder Kinsey and left her in critical condition Tuesday, Nov. 12.

According to Nixon's mother, Amanda Ellette, the 14-year-old has suffered multiple injuries and has had several surgeries at OU Medical Center over the last week

"She has had three surgeries in three days and has two more next week...she’s such a fighter and is getting stronger every day," Ellette said.

Ellette explained Nixon had heart surgery to repair a tear on the left side of her heart Thursday, Nov. 21, and doctors had to bypass her carotid artery to the aortic to restore blood flow to her left arm.

In addition to a tear in her heart, Ellette said Nixon has damage to her skull, neck, collarbone, hands, face, ribcage, lungs and other internal injuries,

"(We're) still uncertain of the extent of her brain damage and probably won't know for a week or more, but she seems to remember who everyone is," Ellette said. "She has no recollection of the day of the accident."

Since being admitted to the hospital, Ellette said Nixon has endured various procedures to numerous parts of her body.

"She has had five plates in her face to connect the cheekbones, upper jaw and nose together again and still needs two more on both sides of her nose," Ellette said. "They had to amputate a finger and put pins and screws in both hands that were crushed."

While Nixon has had several surgeries, Ellette said many of Nixon's injuries should improve naturally.

"Her broken neck should heal on its own as well as her collar bone. Her skull fracture is already healing quite well," Ellette said. "The spleen injury wasn’t as bad as originally thought and should heal on its own. Her collapsed lung that came through the rib cage is at 80 percent and is almost completely back through the ribs."

The mother explained though things have been challenging, Nixon is a fighter and she continues to get better.

"She has beaten the odds and (it's) a true miracle she survived her injuries," Ellette said. "I thank God everyday for saving my baby."

While Nixon has been in the hospital, Ellette said the Tecumseh community has been extremely supportive and helpful to her whole family.

"The outreach from the community has been so amazing. They definitely band together and have made sure we've had everything we need for me and her brother to be able to stay with her," Ellette said. "From food to toiletries to even a shoulder to cry on from time to time, my daughter is loved by so many people and I couldn’t be more thankful for everything."

A GoFundMe page was created for Nixon and Ellette to help pay for medical expenses and as of Friday, Nov. 22, people have donated $505 to the $3,000 goal and a Facebook fundraiser was created and so far $1,060 has been raised.

For more information and updates to Nixon's recovery visit Ellette's Facebook page under Amanda Ellette.