Oaths of Office

2020 Officers and Directors of the Shawnee Board of Realtors took their Oath during a recent event at the Expo Center of Shawnee. Pictured are: (L-R) Chris Hodge (Director), Davenport; Gina Armstrong (Director), Shawnee; Cindy Bidack (Director), McLoud; Judy Marrs (State Director), Shawnee; Jamie Carter (Secretary/Treasurer), Seminole; Carol Bass (Vice President), Shawnee; Amber Belyeu (President-Elect), Shawnee; and, Jack Sherry (President), Holdenville.

Passing the Gavel

Chris Hodge, 2019 President, hands the President’s gavel to Jack Sherry, 2020 President of the Shawnee Board of Realtors. Chris is the owner/broker of All Seasons Realty of Davenport and will take a Director’s position in 2020. Jack is owner/broker of Jack Sherry Real Estate and Investments of Holdenville and will assume the President/Leadership position with the Shawnee Board of Realtors on January 1st, 2020.

Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club—Realtor’s Fundraiser Recipients for 2019

The Salvation Army, represented by (L-R) Captain Patrick Connelly, Captain Stacey Connelly, Julio Sanchez and Kira Howard were guests of the Shawnee Board of Realtors and were also the recipients of the “REALTORS” Fundraising efforts for 2019.

Sue Nelson, Vision Bank, introduced the Salvation Army guests and Chris Hodge, President of the Shawnee Board of Realtors, presented them with the “BIG” check which represented the total raised this year by the Realtors and Affiliates-- $3,600 and some change.