After hours of evacuations and maintenance, firefighters contained a grass fire that started around 6:15 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 26 and spread over about 300 acres in the McLoud area.

According to McLoud Fire Chief Rhett Banks, the fire started near 1671 S. McLoud Road after some tree limbs got caught in the arcing overhead power line and sparked a flame.

"We got it contained about 1 a.m. (Wednesday) and we had it all contained to where it wasn't going to jump out anywhere and then it was really just trying to mop it up and get it extinguished," Banks said.

Banks said with approximately 40-mile-per-hour winds, the fire blew to the northeast fairly quickly.

The fire chief said McLoud and area departments including Shawnee, Harrah, Bethel Acres, Citizen Potawatomi Nation, Jacktown and Southwest Lincoln County made sure from the beginning the fire wouldn't hurt anyone or damage any structures.

In addition to the fire departments, Banks said members of the community assisted with maintaining the fire by utilizing their farm equipment.

"They actually came out with their discs and plowed some areas to kind of make some blocks to help slow it down," Banks said. "Then another gentleman brought his tractor out and was pulling out stuck brush roots. It was just a effort from everyone involved. It was pretty incredible."

According to Pottawatomie County Sheriff Mike Booth, he and several other deputies assisted with evacuations for the McLoud and area fires.

Banks said in McLoud the department had officers evacuate five houses and managed to keep the fire from damaging any structures.

"It was pretty chaotic...and the fire was approaching pretty rapidly so we tried to get everybody out of there for their safety and that way fire tropes could work and do what they needed to do to protect the homes," Banks said.

Once they had the structures secure, Banks said they started fighting the line of the fire.

Banks said no one was hurt during the McLoud fire, except for one of his firemen who hurt his eye on a fallen tree limb, but will ultimately be fine.

Grass fires were reported in other nearby areas Tuesday night, including grass fires in Lincoln County.