Here are some important safety tips for hose going out of town for the holidays from the Shawnee police department.

According to Cpl. Vivian Lozano, if people are planning to be out of town over the holidays, going to a friend’s or family’s house for a few hours, or shopping local, there are plenty of things they can do to protect their unoccupied homes.

Lozano said people need to ensure they've locked their doors and windows before leaving their house.

Should they be gone for a long time, Lozano said people should ask a neighbor or family member to check on things at their house.

"Have them pick up your newspaper, mail, packages and bring in your trash containers. If they see anything suspicious, encourage them to call the police," Lozano said.

In addition, Lozano said residents are encouraged to leave their lights on or set them to a timer because it will seem as though their house is occupied while they're gone.

All of these are ways to keep one's home safe and have a happy holiday season.