After negotiating its way through the city's planning board twice, AT&T has installed its new cell tower near Shawnee Middle School.

AT&T — facing opposition to its goal to install a cell tower near a residential area — finally received a nod from Shawnee Planning Commissioners in April after making some changes to its original plan.

Health, safety and aesthetics were cited among concerns, as well as the fear of declining property values.

Due to space restraints, changes were made the original cell tower height of 140 feet — reduced to 120 feet, making the fall radius smaller — and changing the antenna to a three-section pole had the biggest impact on getting the City Planner's office on board.

In April Assistant City Planner Joseph Barker said the setbacks for placement of the tower in the property were the department's main concern regarding the original request.

AT&T also shifted the placement of the antenna a bit to the northeast, which put the site farthest east from the residential area as it could go on the property.

AT&T's Troy Williams said the project is a $400,000 investment into the community.