Mike Little, of Mike D. Little Construction Company Inc., requested 12 lots of land from the Pottawatomie County Commissioners Monday for a low-income housing project he's working on with the Central Oklahoma Community Action Agency (COCAA).

In Monday's regular meeting of the Board of Pottawatomie County Commissioners, Little asked commissioners to give ownership of 12 lots to the Shawnee Urban Renewal Authority, which would then give ownership to COCAA.

According to Executive Director of COCAA Barbara Loudermilk, the agency is a non-profit organization that helps low-income families and residents with housing, food, clothing and other basic needs.

"I oversee communities in six different counties. I oversee Cleveland County, Lincoln County, Logan County, Payne County, Pottawatomie County and Seminole," Loudermilk said.

Loudermilk said these lots will be used to build low-income houses scattered half a mile from downtown Shawnee and one of them is planned to be a park.

The project is contingent on federal funds that are being applied for by local entities.

Loudermilk explained the application for funding is due Jan. 9.

District 3 Commissioner Eddie Stackhouse explained commissioners can't give property ownership to non-profit organizations, but the city of Shawnee can and that is why the commissioners need to pass the rights to the Shawnee Urban Renewal Authority.

County Commissioners have called a Special Meeting for Thursday, Dec. 5 at 9 a.m. and will determine then if they want to pass ownership to the city.

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Note: This story has been updated to remove incorrect information regarding grant funds.