The Shawnee Board of Education has voted to call an election April 7, 2020 for bond issue propositions totaling $18 million, with most of the funds being proposed for site improvements and new equipment.

According to Shawnee Public Schools Public Information Officer Cherity Pennington, the election will have two propositions, with the first requesting funding for remodeling and site improvements and the other for transportation.

Pennington said the first proposition is for $16,925,000, which the district will use to fund various projects including renovations at different school sites, new technology, new technology infrastructure, new security and safety equipment, HVAC repair and replacement at schools and updates to athletic and activity facilities.

The second proposition, Pennington said, is for $1.2 million, which the district would use for transportation.

Pennington explained voters will decide on two different items, but on the same day because a proposition can't have transportation and construction funding in the same proposition.

Pennington said according to Jordan Smith from Stephen L. Smith Corp., the average homeowner in Shawnee's I-93 school district would pay approximately $3 more per month in ad valorem taxes if the bond is passed.

Pennington explained the district has and is currently completing several projects that were funded by their last successful bond issue in 2016.

According to Superintendent Dr. April Grace, the completed projects from the 2016 bond issue include the addition of safe rooms and security entrances to Horace Mann Elementary, Sequoyah Elementary and Shawnee Middle School.

In addition, there were remodeled science classrooms, special needs classrooms and parking lot improvements made to Shawnee High School and Will Rogers Elementary.

Other completed projects from the 2016 bond issue include safe rooms, a security vestibule and parking area to Jefferson Elementary, a security entrance to Will Rogers and the Shawnee High School Stucker Athletic Facility.

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Note: This story has been updated and corrected to note that the construction bond being sought is $16.9 million.