Mother of three, former Broadway star and "determined and hard headed” Marguerite Kimball will celebrate her 100th birthday on Thursday, Dec. 12.

According to Marguerite's daughter Terresa Ward, Marguerite was born in Bolder, Colorado in 1919.

"Her mother was a registered nurse and her father was a carpenter and she was the second child of five," Terresa said.

Marguerite grew up in Portland, Oregon and various parts of Colorado, Terresa said, and met her husband Orin Kimball in high school.

"They married in 1939 and...she was a certified teacher and she taught in a one room school house in Eastern Colorado until World War II started," Terresa said.

Orin enlisted in the military and served in Wold War II Terresa said and all the while Marguerite moved to New York City and performed in Broadway shows.

"She had always wanted to go to New York City so she saved her money, bought a trunk and got on the train and went to New York City," Terresa said.

The mother of three lived in a women's hotel, Terresa said, and met a friend there who encouraged Marguerite to audition for a musical.

"My mother, on her lunch hour one day, went down and auditioned on Broadway and got a job in the chorus line and she was in a show (called) 'The Lady Says No,''' Terresa said. "She toured Philadelphia, Boston and Washington with this show."

Terresa said Marguerite toured with the show for about a year and a half and eventually settled down with Orin in Fort Collins, Colorado after he returned from the war.

It was there they started their family, Terresa said and had their eldest child Kathy.

According to Terresa, her parents moved to Midwest City after Orin was stationed at Tinker Air Force Base and they had Orin Jr. and her.

"They didn't leave Midwest City because the economy wasn't that good and (Orin) got a good job at Westinghouse and later went into business for himself," Terresa. "They were both very active in civic things with government."

Terresa said her father, at one point, was even the mayor of Midwest City, while he did a lot, Marguerite wasn't far behind him.

"She was the President of the Oklahoma Republican Women's club for about four or five years," Orin Jr. said.

Terresa explained after her father passed away in 1973, her mother went back to work after 30 plus years of not working and was employed by Corps of Engineers.

"She retired from there and pursued her interests. Our mother is a very gifted artist and she does oils, pastels, she made porcelain dolls and doll furniture and stain glass and she tatted," Terresa said.

Over time, Terresa said, Marguerite became older, developed dementia and came to live at Belfair of Shawnee in 2017.

"In 2017 we started noticing things we couldn't let slide anymore and so 2017 is when it got really bad," Orin Jr. said. "Physically she's strong as a horse...overall for a person of 100 she's doing well (physically)."

Overall, both Terresa and Orin Jr. feel their mother has led a wonderful and happy life.

"She had a very exciting life. In fact, she told me there really wasn't much that she didn't do that she wanted to do," Terresa said.

Both Orin Jr., Terresa and their family will celebrate their mother and her 100th birthday on Thursday, Dec. 12.