Community Market of Pottawatomie County just received a $157,862 grant from The Avedis Foundation.

Community Market of Pottawatomie County just received a $157,862 grant from The Avedis Foundation.

Funding for the project will cover six programs:

• Food Choice — the largest sector of the program, which is the client choice food pantry.

• Food Rescue — which rescues food from retailers, farmers and other partners that would otherwise be written off as spoilage.

• Senior Health — offering healthy food options to the most at-risk seniors.

• Kids Health — offering meals when kids are not in school, as well as offering nutrition-education courses.

• Food Serve — an impact program that connects volunteer opportunities with community needs.

• Food Fresh — a garden program aimed at delivering fresh and healthy foods to people who otherwise would not have access to such resources.

Avedis President Dr. Kathy Laster said the foundation is honored to support the mission of the Community Market of Pottawatomie County.

“Daniel Matthews, along with his board of directors, staff and the many volunteers are dedicated to meet the needs of thousands in our community who face hunger on a daily basis,” Avedis President Dr. Kathy Laster said. “They continue to provide a dignified service that is honorable and fair to those who need it the most.”

Community Market Executive Director Daniel Matthews said the nonprofit is thankful to be partnering with them in its effort to feed the hungry.

“Their commitment to fight food insecurity and increase the quality of life in our community is inspiring,” he said.

The Avedis board and staff are working so diligently to increase the health, wellness and quality of life for everyone in our community, he said.

“We have made measurable progress in the fight against hunger, and much of that credit can be traced directly to the strategic investments made by the Avedis Foundation,” Matthews said. “We know it takes a community to end hunger, and we are thankful for strong partners who work with us and the Avedis Foundation on this effort.”

The goal of the Community Market is to reduce food insecurity and hunger in our region. The Community Market strives to work with people to gain resources and to connect them to partner organizations that have the resources or enable them to better themselves so they no longer face issues related to food insecurity.

Community Market offers healthy foods that include fresh produce and proteins that are many times not available due to economic restraints.

Education is a key component to those the Market serve providing building blocks for a healthy diet. Community Market provides classes, materials and access to healthy food items and encourages guests to make wise diet choices.

Community Market continues to build a network of services, both in-house and externally, that allow guests to improve self-sufficiency and quality of life.