All seventh graders at Shawnee Middle School celebrated Christmas at the fourth annual Tacky Wreath Contest with games and prizes Friday, Dec. 20.

According to SMS Principal Joey Slate, the Tacky Wreath Contest is a competition between the grades where everyone decorates for the holidays.

"This is our holiday see who can decorate the most. Seventh grade does something fantastic tied to the Tacky Wreath Contest where they give gifts to all the students and put on a pretty good production for them," Slate said.

The principal explained the school started this program so the seventh graders would come to school on the final day of the semester and have something fun to look forward to.

"It has gone great. Kids are super excited. It gets them engaged," Slate said. "We want them here...and we want to make it fun and exciting."

All seventh graders received a gift of some sort and Slate said the items are typically donated by parents, businesses and teachers.

This year's theme at the Tacky Wreath Celebration was Aladdin and Slate said students had the opportunity to watch humorous videos and play games.