Editor’s Note: This is one of several stories in a series looking at this area’s school resource officers and the work they do to keep local students and schools safe.

For the second consecutive year, School Resource Officer Jeremy Borromeo is protecting the five different school sites that make up Tecumseh Public Schools.

According to Borromeo, before he became a school resource officer, he served 12 years as an officer in the Air Force.

"I didn't do anything for three years and then I was recommended by several people to start applying (to Tecumseh) because it's a good department," Borromeo said.

The officer said he spends his days monitoring behavior, securing the campus and maintaining traffic, but each day has its differences.

"Day-to-day here just depends on the day. I'm usually in the high school because high school and middle school are where most of the issues happen," Borromeo said.

Borromeo said initially he took this assignment because it needed to be filled and he thought it would be easy.

However, after spending time at the schools and with the students, Borromeo said he realized how truly challenging his job can be.

"I am also a Crisis and Intervention Team Officer...and dealing with the kids who are going through stuff is one of the hardest things (about) this job," Borromeo said. "Since being here we've lost quite a few kids. That is the worst part of this job."

The officer explained though it can be difficult, he enjoys the bonds he makes with students and feels he can make an impact on them.

"Being able to interact with the kids and seeing a little bit of change in some of them (is the best)," Borromeo said. "A lot of kids don't have a lot of guidance at home and when they're in front of me because they are in trouble some kids don't know it's wrong...So they get taught through me or the principal."

Many students, Borromeo said confide in him and will come to his office if they need someone to talk to or somewhere to think.

"I told them at the beginning of the year, 'If you're going through something...you can come talk to me or anybody here,'" Borromeo said. "'Just let it out."'

The officer explained he never thought he'd be working at a school, but he's glad it's where life led him and he's become fond of the students in Tecumseh.

"Working here, seeing these kids and knowing their issues you become attached," Borromeo said. "You don't want to ever see anything wrong or bad happen to them and when it does it affects you pretty bad."

Borromeo said he feels it's important for all school districts to have a school resource officer because of their safety, but it also provides another helpful outlet for students.

"It actually gives us a way to show officers are human and you can come talk to an officer without being scared and it shows the kids a better role model," Borromeo said.

Though he spends most of his time in the high school, Borromeo said he enjoys visiting the elementary sites because the younger children are often excited to see him

"You bring them stickers or something like that. You'll go on the playground and you'll get mobbed by quite a few kids," Borromeo said. "They have questions They want to know everything about you."

In addition to patrolling the sites and handling any issues, Borromeo said he educates the students through the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Program.

He said he taught courses the first 10 weeks of school at Tecumseh Middle School and will teach another 10 week course after the holiday break.

As time goes on, Borromeo said he hopes students will continue to open up and his relationship with them will grow.

"I'm going to be here for quite a few years and I hope (they know) they can come talk to me about whatever they want and let everything out good or bad," Borromeo said.