Shawnee police, along with the U.S. Marshal's Service and Oklahoma City police, on Monday afternoon arrested two of the three suspects that were being sought in connection with a Shawnee home invasion case, police said.

Shawnee Police Cpl. Vivian Lozano said the arrests came after a day-long surveillance in the Oklahoma City area.

Lozano said one of the two suspects is reported to be a juvenile. The name of the other arrestee and other details have not yet been released as the investigation was ongoing late Monday, she said.

The Shawnee case was an active investigation from an incident that occurred in Shawnee on Thursday, Dec. 26.

Police began searching for two black males who had been captured on a RING security camera video at a home in the Northridge Addition.

The duo, armed with handguns, were invading a Shawnee house in that neighborhood while the occupants were home Thursday morning.

According to a release issued Friday from Shawnee Police Chief Mason Wilson's office, the burglary occurred around 10 a.m. and the RING footage showed the two suspects enter the residence in the area of Oak Hill and Center Street with handguns.

Wilson said at the time of the invasion, the homeowners were in the house, but they were unaware of the two suspects in their home.

The security footage, Wilson said, shows the two men in the home for a short amount of time and then leaving through the same door they entered and were believed to be in a light-colored car. As a result of this case, other similar incidents around Pottawatomie County were reportedly connected, according to police, so Shawnee police was working with the Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office.

Following Monday's arrests, the investigation continued and Lozano said more details would be released as they develop. Formal charges have not been filed.

And while two of the three persons allegedly involved in this case are now in custody, Lozano said residents should continue to remain vigilant when it comes to their safety and securing their property.

She advises everyone to always keep home and car doors locked and not to open their door if someone is knocking on the door that they don't recognize. Any suspicious activity should be reported to police.

Watch for updates.

NOTE: This story has been updated/corrected to show that the arrested occurred on Monday, Dec. 30.