In the week following a series of vandalism incidents to businesses in downtown Shawnee, business owners are responding and expressing their concern and methods of minimizing or limiting the crime rate.

According to police incident reports released Friday, Feb. 14, three businesses along Main Street were vandalized as their storefront windows were broken or damaged.

According to Marquee Realty owner Linda Agee, her front window was shattered, but no one broke into building. The cost to repair her window was over $300.

Agee said she has security cameras outside her building and inside her office.

Since the incident, Agee said she has made changes to make sure the cameras have better views, especially of her main doors and windows.

"If it happens again I'll catch a good shot of the car and its license plate," Agee said.

Marquee Realty is located at 425 E. Main. Just down the street at 723 E. Main Street is Down the Rabbit Hole at Green's Corner, which is an antique store that was also vandalized.

According to owner of Green's Corner Shawnna Villines, her store has been burglarized several times and she has both a security system and cameras.

"We all have security cameras and we all watch each other's stores," Villines said "The Shawnee Crime watch on Facebook is amazing...but we still have an enormous amount of (crime)."

Villines said in a place like Shawnee that has a population of 31,000, it's crazy that there is so much crime.

She explained she doesn't know what else she as a business owner can do to protect her livelihood, but she feels while the police are doing what they can, they need to do more.

"If you don't exterminate the roaches, then you'll get an infestation," Villines said.

Agee said the police have been doing extra patrols in the areas, but more needs to be done.

"The police are doing a good job, but they can't spend all of their time (patrolling)," Agee said.

Agee said she has asked Shawnee City Commissioners if they would install wifi in downtown for security cameras that would go on light poles and places throughout the area.

"If they would install security cameras on light poles and...especially have good would prevent people (from doing it) and stop this kind of vandalism," Agee said

In addition to Green's Corner and Marquee Realty, The Arts @ 317, located at 717 E. Main also suffered damages to windows as a bullet hole was reported as going through the front window. That owner had no comments.