Susan Chambers, a lampwork glass artist from Midwest City, will be demonstrating her craft on Friday evening, February 21, beginning at 6:00 P.M., at the Arts @317, located at 317 E. Main in Shawnee.

She explains, “Lampwork is the ancient Italian term for melting glass with a torch and shaping with steel, brass or graphite tools while still in a soft form. The glass is decorated with crushed glass of a different color, metal leaf, wire or foil (copper, fine silver, pure gold, palladium), small glass strings of a different color, or materials such as mica, brass shavings or baking soda. The glass is annealed (cooled slowly) in a kiln to ensure proper atomic structure for durability. After annealing, beads are cleaned for use and sculptures are mounted for display.”

Chambers will be showing some of her work and answering questions while creating lampworked glass beads.